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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

C is for Centennial

alright, i know the image is small. but if you go here, you can see it a bit larger on amazon and look at some sample pages.

this is what we are going through for school right now. these books are put out by Sleeping Bear Press, and they go through each of the 50 states using the alphabet to explore different historical, geographical and just neat facts about the state. since we are 'loosely' schooling in prep for our move, i thought it would be fun to learn about our new state! i have a list of them saved on my library account (they had over 70 books published available on their shelves) so that when i want something specific, i can request them without having to search for them myself :) a nifty resource that most libraries provide. i LOVE it!!

in addition to the states, they also had A is for America, Z is for Zookeeper, P is for Passport, and lots of others. the Sleeping Bear Press page also has a link to the Teacher's Guides PDF which is a neat resource.

we are planning on getting the C is for Centennial book and visiting some of the places mentioned. it would be neat to put together a scrapbook for all of the field trips that the book inspires!!

happy exploring!


  1. Those are great books! We used a few of them through the years.

  2. Sleeping Bear press puts out a lot of great books - I haven't found one yet that I don't like! :) Thanks for helping me find another one!!!


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