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Friday, October 9, 2009

life school, fall break, and one tired mama

so, we haven't been 'schooling' lately.

at the end of august, we found out we were expecting our fourth little blessing. we have officially crossed over into the big family realm.

you know, when people start to look at you funny and ask silly questions like, "don't you know what causes that?"

ahem. yes.

but i digress.

anyway. this first trimester has been especially difficult. the all-day sickness has been pretty awful. i even lost 7 pounds in the first few weeks. doesn't make the OB too happy. oh, well.

i have been overwhelmingly tired...man, about 1 pm i just want to fall over and stay in bed for the day which i can't.

i am supposed to be schooling my kids.


we haven't done a lot of workbooks lately. i have been trying to at least get their Bible in and continue on with the TOG curriculum. we should be well into the 2nd unit, but we are still stumbling along in the 1st.

we are doing more life school and character training, which i think we would have had to do anyway as the boys are really having a hard time being kind to each other these days.

i am feeling pretty down about how 'behind' we are. and then i remind myself that tic-tac is only 6. i think we can slack a little and still do just fine. we will just call it our "fall break"

they have "fall break" out here. i had never heard of it before. they take a whole week off (sometimes 2) just like a spring break. seriously?

happy schooling! i hope you are doing better than we are :)