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Monday, September 6, 2010

when 20 men show up at your door...

holy experience

that is what happened this morning.

it could have been more, but i am thinking it was at least 20!

i had a post of gifts all ready to go this morning. even had it categorized by the days of the week :)

but then, this morning happened, and i could not post that list.

because what happened this morning was such a HUGE gift to my family i had to write about it.

see, we are moving. out of state.

and we got these moving 'pods' delivered last friday, and they have been sitting empty while we tried to scrounge up some help to load the big furniture into them.

we had sent out emails, even put an event on facebook...only 2 people were confirmed for this morning, and yesterday one man said, send me an email so i don't forget.

i realized when we got home from church i didn't have his email.

so we spent our afternoon and evening yesterday packing, sorting, and generally causing more chaos than order.

8 am...there was a knock on the door.

i kid you not...8 guys walked in. football type guys. big burly guys who can lift a LOT of stuff.

they swarmed.

more came.

they swarmed some more.

i was marking boxes and furniture with blue tape so they would know what to pack in this load. (we have 4 more 'pods' coming on thursday.)

even more came. i had to run to keep up with them.

at some point we had over 20 men in our house packing, wrapping, putting stuff in a pod, organizing.

my house looks like a cyclone hit it.


all four pods were packed in under 2 hours.


what an incredible gift to us! we thought the job would take all day and we were worried over how we were going to get all the heavy stuff down our very steep stairs.

so my gifts this week are the 20 or so guys who swarmed my house and packed my pods and gave of their holiday.

most of them didn't even know us. but, GOD knows us.

and they just came because they wanted to serve us.


GOD is good ALL the time, isn't he??

gifts 88-108. i can claim each guy, right??

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  1. Love this ~ fabulous praise!
    Rejoicing with you in His blessings :)

  2. God is good!
    What a great blessing! I hope your move goes well.

  3. I love this! Thank you for sharing!

  4. www.fingerprintsfromhishand.webs.comOctober 6, 2010 at 4:13 AM

    How wonderful - ha ha! :)



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