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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Simple Woman’s Daybook #1


For Today, Sunday...

Outside my window...the snow that fell last night has already melted away.  i even saw a few people walking around in shorts!

I am thinking...about this morning’s sermon.  that believers are united in Christ.  pondering what that means.

I am thankful...for my KISA.  he is working hard to bring me home from work so that i can stay home with our children full time!

In the kitchen...is a crockpot full of velveeta cheese, rotel tomatoes, and jalapenos in preparation for the broncos/steelers game today.

I am wearing...jeans and a green/grey striped sweater.  also shoes, which i don’t usually do indoors, but i absolutely smashed my big toe last night, and it hurts to even be looked at!

I am creating...nothing much.  just trying to cultivate four little hearts into ones that love God, and that takes up the majority of my energy!

I am going...hopefully to watch the football game with some friends unless i get called in to the ER to work.

I am wondering...how on earth i am going to get everything done that i need to this week.

I am reading...don’t have any open books right now.  just finished Inheritance.

I am hoping...i know it is shallow, but i am hoping that the Steelers win today!

I am looking forward to...a few days off from work

I am learning...more about prayer, and its purpose in my life

Around the house...the laundry finally got put away!  hooray!!  and the toilets are clean.  what else could i ask for??

I am pondering...again, about prayer.  i so want to learn how to tap into it!  it has been missing from my life for way too long.

A favorite quote for today...i just heard this today: “Faith is not believing in spite of the evidence. Faith is obeying in spite of the consequence. Faith says, ‘I will do what the Lord says, even though it means a storm is headed my way. Even though it means there will be difficulties, obstacles, and challenges, even though it may be brutal and difficult, even though I must struggle, I will obey’” (Jon Courson)

One of my favorite things...listening to the moose talk to his big sister in the early morning. 

A few plans for the rest of the week: get organized for homeschooling. meal plans, grocery store and some freezer meals.

A peek into my day...

2012-01-07 19.38.58
this is the toe i smashed with a ceramic stocking holder as we were putting away decorations.  the spot on top is where i burned a hole through the nail with a paperclip to relieve the incredible pressure and pain!  this morning it is still oozing... yuck!

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