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Thursday, January 3, 2013

advent... fail


just a note:

this is not a reflection on the quality of “truth in the tinsel.” amanda did an amazing job creating an advent calendar that reflects beautifully on the events of Jesus’ birth. we will definitely do this again! the daily readings were well thought out and the daily craft solidified the story and provided extra hours of role play for my kiddos to reenact the events. i HIGHLY recommend it!!

in 2011 i purchased  Truth in the Tinsel.  it was all over the blogosphere and i thought it would be awesome to do with the kids.  i never got my act together with supplies or anything, and i was working full time nights, so it never made it off the computer.

this year was gonna be different! i was prepared!

in early November, i sent the file to my hubby to print (he has a laser printer... way faster than mine)

i made a list immediately of the things we didn’t have in our craft closet.  i even read through the material to see what the ornaments looked like and what we could substitute.

went to walmart to get all the extra supplies (we weren’t missing too many). 

we cut out the countdown squares and put them on the wall in one of our pocket charts.

the children were excited to do this.

we started strong.  i had 1.5 weeks off at the beginning of the month (weird scheduling thing) and we were off and running!  even the moose participated!

2012-12-09 18.33.14

then, disaster.  i had to work.  i forgot to get the craft ready for daddy.  have no fear, he improvised!!  he used paper plates for zecheriah and sent me pics while i was at work.  awesome job!!

then, the busyness of the season took over, the kids stopped asking about the craft, and around day 12 we stopped altogether. 


i had such high hopes for our advent season. 

another mommy fail...

there is always next year, right? 

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