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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

science with magnets

as we continue in our study of magnets in our SL curriculum, i thought i would post a few pics of our fun.


we had fun learning about poles and how we can push and pull things with our magnets.  the boys took up the challenge to see how many train pieces they could push with the big cow magnet in the science kit.

100_1435 we also had a lot of fun with our fishing game as we used some magnetic fishing poles from a previous car trip to match up some paper socks.  this didn’t work as well as i would have liked.  the poles had strings that were waaaaay too long and i had to really manipulate the socks onto the magnets for the kids.


100_1447 100_1446

flying the butterfly was really hard for the younger ones.  tic tac managed to master it after only a few tries.  but stinkerbell and bonobo could not make it fly without having the magnet directly in contact with the paperclip attached to the butterfly.  it became a lesson in perseverance and maintaining composure in light of disappointment.

we also had fun finding north on a homemade compass and then made our own magnets with needles.  the kids have really enjoyed this unit. 

we are looking

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