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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bin day!

today was bin day!

every 4-6 weeks we break out a new toy bin from the garage. we have 4 rather large rubbermaid type storage bins that we have sorted out our toys into. that way, we don't get too tired of toys. they are all numbered, and i mark on the calendar which bin i get out when.

the bins also allow me to sort through our toys on a regular basis and get rid of ones that are broken or missing pieces.

some things never get put into a bin, and those are the educational toys that we use during mommy-directed activities (i.e. puzzles, lacing blocks, stacking toys).

the lego toys and trains don't get put away, either, as they are up in the loft, and there are just too many of them :)

there is usually a LOT of chaos for the first hour or so after the bin comes out, as you can see from the picture. then we get to organizing them into our fabric boxes and stash them into a wire cube unit we purchased at target.

Bin Day ranks up there with Christmas in our house!!

Bin day!!

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