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Friday, July 24, 2009

In the car...

i am finding that we are spending a lot more time in the car as the kids get older. this fall will be no different. on monday and wednesdays, we will be traveling about 30 miles to a bible study that we participate in as a family and that i will be serving in. as much as i love this study, i am a bit fearful for what it will do to our routine. i am also considering our PE co-op again this year, which is on tuesday and thursday afternoons. i am thinking it is important for us to get more connected with other homeschoolers so that when educational opportunites arise, we are more attuned to them. it also forces me out of my comfort zone and gets me around like-minded women. this is definitely a season in my life when i have been slowly wooed by the "take time for me" philosophy. i plan on addressing that on Manna for Mamas very soon.

anyway...about this post!

i have decided that listening to the radio in the car is pretty counterproductive. especially when you think that what you are listening to is relatively safe in content, but your four year old starts singing "she thinks my tractor's sexy." ahem... and the commercials! i usually tune them out, but as you know, well, the little pitcher's have big ears philosophy is oh, too true!!! needless to say, radio is not a good option.

i am also not a fan of the toddler tunes. i can only handle so much 'wheels on the bus' ya know?

so we are getting into audio books. wow! we have had several in our car, and i must say, they are lifesavers! they force my kids to pay attention, causing them to be peaceful in the car :) i actually have enjoyed listening to selections like "Henry Huggins" and "Curious George." we recently finished listening to "The BFG," by Roald Dahl and i was so entertained that even when the kids weren't in the car i was listening to it! it was a tad scary in the beginning for the 4 year old, but he got over it pretty quickly. the language in it is so creative and makes you listen very closely so that you don't miss out or miss the meaning. i was enthralled. after we were done with it in the car it has made it into the boys' bedroom for further listening enjoyment.

at our trip to the library today we picked up "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe." we are at chapter 3 and they are not convinced that it is a good listen yet, but i know they will be entranced soon!

how about you? what do you do in the car to keep entertained?

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