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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

goodnight, booger brain

every night my husband does baths with the kids (don't hate me) because he doesn't get much time with them during the day. we share in putting the kids down. i put the baby down because she won't let daddy do it yet. our oldest usually comes downstairs to say goodnight to me and i ask him...what was the best part of your day? and what was the worst part of your day? then we do 'lovin's, kiss and head bonk' and he is off to bed. i get to put our middler down and the conversation usually goes something like this:

me: goodnight, booger brain!
him: goodnight, booger brain poopie head!
me: goodnight, belly button lint!
him: goodnight, belly button shampoopy lint!
me: goodnight, frog slime!
him: goodnight, frog slime poopy lick!

you get the hint. it goes on for quite a while and then i say i love you...to which he replies...i love you shampoopoo head...or some other goofy poop-laden comment...

he is about to turn 4. i wonder how long we will be able to do this routine. i know i am going to miss it when he stops. his goofiness is one of the traits i adore in him. there are lots of things i wish i had paid more attention to as he has grown. i cannot for the life of me remember his first steps, or the last time he breastfed...i am slowly learning, though, that every...single...moment of my children's lives are worth chronicling. i need to stop getting frustrated over the stuff that doesn't really matter anyway and focus on the things that i am going to want to remember when they are grown. like frog slime shampoopy licks.


  1. Lolol! I remember when Jake was about 6, we read the book Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius. There were space ships shaped like chickens, and I had to keep saying "Chicken Ships." Could. NOT. Do. It. Without laughing.

    Jake thought I just found the idea of chicken space ships funny. To this day I see Jimmy Neutron and giggle.

  2. Oops by the way, thanks for stopping in at the Cookie Jar! It was so fun to check my site and see all the birthday wishes. We had a yummy pasta dinner, some hot fudge brownie cakes with ice cream, and are going to settle in to watch American Idol.

  3. That is sooo cute. Thanks for dropping by my blog for the UBP. I have an award for you here:



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